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Taiwan is located on the Pacific Rim of Fire. This means there are many underwater volcanoes nearby, and the area suffers from many earthquakes and other disasters. Yet, there is one good thing about living on the Pacific Rim of Fire: there are plenty of hot springs. As a matter of fact, Taiwan is ranked in the top 15 sites around the globe for enjoying hot springs. They are perfect for people who want to relax and recharge themselves after a long week. Also, regular trips to hot springs are said to help the elderly live longer and feel younger.

In many places around Taiwan, hot spring water is piped into hotels. There, people can get away from their busy lives for a few hours or a few days. Outdoor hot spring pools are also special attractions in Taiwan. Tourists and local people often come to these areas to cook eggs and other foods in the hot water. However, spending time in the hot spring is the real fun. Being outdoors in steaming pools is an amazing experience. Green trees and blue skies help get rid of all of the aches and pains. Plus, it gives you a chance to enjoy scenery that you may have neglected. For a more heart-pounding experience, people jump out of hot springs and into cold water. This can make you feel refreshed and might even have health benefits.



Building Your Vocabulary

1.rank vt. 確定……的地位,排名(多用被動)
Lynn was ranked third in the beauty contest.

2.relax vi. & vt.(使)放鬆
Just relax. Everything will be all right.

3.recharge vt. 使恢復精力
Kenny took a week off to recharge himself.

4.neglect vt. 忽視;忽略
Ian was so busy that he neglected his family.

5.refresh vt. 提神(本文以過去分詞作形容詞用)
A cup of black coffee can help refresh you.


1.Pacific Rim of Fire n. 環太平洋火山帶
rim n.(圓形物的)外緣,邊緣
2.volcano n. 火山 spring n. 溫泉
4.pipe vt. 用管道輸送
5.steaming a.(因滾燙而)冒煙的
6.heart-pounding a. 心跳加速的

Tips In Use

...enjoy scenery that you may have neglected.

"may have + 過去分詞"表『可能曾經』,為對過去事物的猜測的句型之一。對過去事物的猜測共有以下三種句型:

1.must have + 過去分詞  一定曾經……
David plays the piano so well. He must have worked hard at it.

2.may have + 過去分詞  可能曾經……
I may have left my watch on my desk.

3.cannot have + 過去分詞  不可能曾經……
Linda cannot have said those mean words.

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